Summer in Wellington this year is less than exciting.

After a stellar summer last year this year is windy, windy, windy.


The city is back in its groove, back to work and studies for most.

Stone fruit is in full flourish, with early season figs, nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots.

Waiting for Greengage plums to appear. It is a brief appearance usually a couple of weeks.

Damsons for sorbet, ice cream and jam, experimenting this year with pickled Damsons.


Having a celebration with us, we can make you a cake just contact the restaurant and it can be organised.


Rosé from over the hill at Palliser Estate, Man O War Pinque from Waiheke Island  and the Chateau Roubine from the Cotes de Provence. 


As always all wines by the glass, carafe and bottle.