its hot #celerytonic


I have to admit that I hoard things in the garden, so much so that everything gets out of control and the husband threatens me with #roundup Celery Soda/tonic is not exactly a normal sounding drink, but it’s more complex than I ever imagined it to be.  Trying to nail down the flavors for description is like trying to deal with this heat.

The first impression is not of the sweetness, although it’s right there; your first sense of the syrup is the light smell of celery.  It’s not quite identifiable as celery; it’s a fresh, herbal scent.  And it smells more of celery than it tastes of it. That light, fresh, herbal taste is present, but if you didn’t know it was made from celery seed you might not be able to call it. The biggest ‘A-ha!” moment from the whole experience is that the subtle tongue-tingling feeling that you get when you eat celery is there when you sip the syrup mixed with soda water. Even that is more of a lower case “Is this celery?” than it is a “Hey!  Celery!”

One word - "refreshing" Two words - "Add vodka"

A tall glass of this on a hot day and the world will melt away while you stay cool. Not as cool as a cucumber but as cool as celery.

This is going to be my secret weapon during the dog days this summer.


As always all wines by the glass, carafe and bottle so come on in out of this heat

Cheers, Marc!